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Possible Homestuck oc by ShodowMare101 Possible Homestuck oc :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 3 5 My attempt at digital art by ShodowMare101 My attempt at digital art :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 2 1 Aria by ShodowMare101 Aria :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 1 2 Amber by ShodowMare101 Amber :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 1 0 The Mad Hatter by ShodowMare101 The Mad Hatter :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 2 2 Evelyn  by ShodowMare101 Evelyn :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 2 0 happy ghost  by ShodowMare101 happy ghost :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 0 0 Shodow (without being angry) by ShodowMare101 Shodow (without being angry) :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 1 0 random doodle by ShodowMare101 random doodle :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 0 0 Yep another one by ShodowMare101 Yep another one :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 0 0 my avatar  by ShodowMare101 my avatar :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 1 0
chapter 1
She woke with a start, beads of sweat rolling down her face. She breathed in deeply, doing her best to calm down, which worked. Once she calmed down, she got up, dressed, grabbed her staff and satchel, and then walked out the door of the inn, where she was staying. She was heading out to meet her brother. As she exited the inn, she noticed a crowd gathering.
Curiosity won her over, and she walked over to check out what was happening. The moment she saw what was going on, she promptly facepalmed. Standing there was her brother, Avalan, engaging in yet another fight. To be exact, it was the tenth one this week! She couldn't do anything, but instead watched the fight take place.“I LIKE TURTLES!!!“ someone in the crowd randomly screamed. She facepalmed yet again.The woman he was fighting was clad in silver imperial armor with an ornate sword resting at her side. Her short orange hair was down and her light grey eyes flashed with annoyance.
She then spoke,” And why should
:iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 0 4
Hunger by ShodowMare101 Hunger :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 1 0 the deepest part of the ocean by ShodowMare101 the deepest part of the ocean :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 2 0 my fate is chosen  by ShodowMare101 my fate is chosen :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 1 0 Amelia Dragontooth-really? by ShodowMare101 Amelia Dragontooth-really? :iconshodowmare101:ShodowMare101 0 0


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Possible Homestuck oc
I used this to practice male anatomy and it turned out better than I expected! :)
My attempt at digital art
So, I got an app and now I'm trying digital art on it with a cheep af stylist.
This is a roleplay character, that I may end up doing mpre art of.
The Mad Hatter
This will be a book, also some new tje other book is on hold while i use my inspiration on a different book with
LaniLeijon . She will be helping me and be posting pictures of the Cheshire Cat. She also has full power over the story and will be posting this too.

We both have full contact with eachother so if you have questions ask either of us.
At school I have people I don't Even know keep asking me to draw them.
When I say no however I get called
(Warning there is alot)
(Now to the cursing ;-;)

Have no clue how they came to that I am a bitch when all i did was say no to drawing them*que da facepalming*

Anyway the point of this is please don't ask people to draw you unless they are asking for requests
*almost all artists will get this*


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United States
I am a sadistic person


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